What You Should Know About Young Joan Rivers Before Plastic Surgery?

Who says that going under the knife like young Joan Rivers before plastic surgery story should make you feel embarrassed? Joan Rivers’ public pronouncement that she is a product of plastic surgery should make one proud. With her story told many times over in print and broadcast media, there is no reason for someone to hide after going to a plastic surgeon if that can help improve one’s looks from removing unwanted facial lines and other cosmetic procedure to retain that youthful mien.

Young Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery: Advantages of Plastic Surgery to Showbiz Career

Joan Rivers at 79 does not show any signs of aging. She is an epitome of a contented and happy woman. She exudes an aura of confidence, elegance and sophistication even if she pokes fun at her own self being the queen of plastic surgery in Hollywood. By nature, Rivers was born with a huge sense of humour that is an advantage in her career as television host, comedian, writer, film director and actress. Born Joan Alexandra Molinsky, Joan Rivers is known by her natural flair for comedy and her comely attitude.
She admitted publicly that she has been to a plastic surgeon as a way of enhancing her looks and keeps the fountain of beauty by having numerous cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, eyebrow tuck, nose lift, facelifts and breast augmentation. She even joked that the cosmetic surgeon refused to administer additional surgery for her because everything had been made for her. Rivers is known for her antics and making faces while keeping her youthful look as she is nearing her octogenarian age.

Young Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery: Old Face to New Face

Plastic surgery does not make less of a person; instead it should make everyone proud of. To Joan River, her motto in life is to wear a new face coming out from a vintage car that an old face coming out from a newly -bought car. If you have the money, according to her, should be spent in plastic surgery. Young Joan Rivers before plastic surgery serves as an inspiration to everyone who is hounded by their wrinkles and old faces. At 40, Rivers emphasized that one should take action by submitting to a cosmetic operation to boost self-confidence.
Joan Rivers remains strong in her advocacy to keep her youthful look and become an inspiration of hope and joy. With her strong sense of humor and energy, her face does not show her age. She recommends to anyone to have plastic surgery and retains the aura of youth. Her very own daughter Melissa kept begging for her to stop resorting to plastic surgery but Joan nevertheless insists that no one can ever stop her from doing so. So far, nobody gave a negative comment about her looks after plastic surgery.
The famous comedian admitted that she enjoyed every bit of her life having sex with different men. She is proud to have multiple cosmetic operations that have kept her looks attractive to men like Howard Stern, Robert Mitchum, and Gabriel Dell. She does not show remorse for every cosmetic surgery she had because young Joan Rivers before plastic surgery will never ever return, instead her career had been helped by the surgical operation done by noted surgeon Steven Hoeffline since 1983. Her first every operation was in 1965 with an eyelift to boost her career in show business.