Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after- the shocking truth

Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after

If you have a look at the pictures of 79 year Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after, then you can say for yourselves, that she has had tons of knife sessions in her life. Reports say that this veteran actor has undergone as many as 700 surgeries to sharpen her features and bid farewell to old age. She is one of the few Hollywood stars who has not shied away from the cameras and has always declared the reality of her appearance.

Face of Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after:

The facial features of this Hollywood diva have been changing every year and her photos after every 6 months interval will exhibit an altogether new person. One cannot spot even a single wrinkle on her face and her skin is as shiny and glossy as a teenager is. Her sexy appearance at the red carpet amazes the viewers and leaves them wondering that how can anybody at 80 look so refreshing and young.

She has always been very open about her plastic surgery sessions with the media and has disclosed having had numerous Botox fill ups, eyebrow tucks, face lifts and nose jobs in the past. She is one personality who sets a very good example of hundreds of surgeries gone successful and is very happy with the results.

The photos of Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after- the most popular:

The images of Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after are very popular on the internet and she is the first person who comes to mind when people think of celebrity face-lifts or Botox jobs. If you look at any of her pictures of the 80s, you probably will not recognise her at all. She looks like a completely new person post her rhinoplasty and face lifts. She has always been a plastic surgery addict and has claimed that she has no plans of calling it a stop in the near future.

It all started after her husband committed suicide and people started noticing her melting nose. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers also has done plastic surgeries but is now persuading her mum to put a halt on this and accept herself the way she is. Her images clearly reveal having undergone dozens of breast implants and tummy tucks that renders her an enviable figure. She is a die hard comedian and does not even spare herself when it comes to making funny statements about her looks. She once said about her experiences with the doctors who carve her body that they are completely fed up with her obsession with her looks. They literally force her out of the clinics, as everything has been tried on her body and there is now nothing left for them to do. She even joked once that there is nothing original left in her body and she cannot feel her facial muscles any more as everything is plastic in there.

Just one image of Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after can reveal the secrets of her numerous affairs with the knife and tell the stories about her past.

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Joan Rivers Before Plastic Surgery And After